Friday, May 14, 2010

Tagbilaran City Wharf

Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7107 islands. Can you just imagine how many ports there are? In Bohol alone, we have five. I haven't thought of that before.. Well, not until now but the fact that in our province alone, we have five. How much more in bigger islands? The last time I surfed the internet, there are 2,456 ports!

Tagbilaran City Wharf is one of the best here in the Philippines. Maybe not big enough compared to other major ports in Cebu City and Manila, but in terms of accessibility and performance, it is one of the best. And people don't just go there for the boatride! You'll see a lot of people doing early morning exercise while others just sit on the shoulders of the wide parking areas, enjoying the cool salty breeze while looking at beautiful seascape. Sunset watching is an even more beautiful experience as the wharf is facing west. Others go there for line fishing. Doesn't matter much if they catch some fish or not. It's just for fun really.