Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you're a Boholano, you've probably heard of this one...

Did you know that long time ago, there was railway in Bohol? Of course there was a train too. It traveled around Bohol. It was convenient for the commuters but somehow the Boholanos just couldn't take it anymore because everytime they take a ride, they hear insults every now and then. At first they pretend not hearing it and sometimes they cover their ears with their hands. But 50 miles is just too long a way to go so after ten minutes at most, they just drop their hands and shrug their shoulders and bear it..until that day they rallied to have it stopped once and for all.

I told this story to a friend from Cebu City. Somehow he felt that my story didn't end there. So he looked at me and asked,"So, what happened?" And I said we won. "Buy why, for heaven's sake, would you Boholanos do something stupid like that?" This time he was really cross...angry almost.

And I looked at him with eyes so "serious" and said, "Because everytime the train gets nearer to a station, it blows its horn like this: Boooohoooool! boooooohoooool! boooooohoooool! and after that it won't stop chugging like this: ijah, ahu, ijah, ahu, ijah, ahu, ija ahu....
Joke, joke, joke!

Maajung adlaw diha mga paisanong Bol-anon.